Trial of Saudi Civil Rights Activists Mohammad al-Qahtani & Abdullah al-Hamid

Note: This post aims to serve as a reiteration of the trial’s events in order to record an important moment in Saudi’s Civil Rights Movement. The majority of its content was provided by first-hand accounts and live-tweets from Saudi journalist, Iman al-Qahtani, and activist Sultan al-Ajmi. Other info/picture sources include Nawaf al-Qudaimi, Abdullah al-Saed, Omar al-SaedMamdouh al-ZaidiAbdullah al-Mataq, and Ibrahim al-Twayjrey.


Trial of Saudi Activists Abdullah al-Hamid & Mohammad al-Qahtani 

September 1, 2012 at 9 A.M. in Riyadh’s Specialized Criminal Court


Rows of supporters formed outside the Riyadh courtroom as they waited for the arrival of activists Mohammad al-Qahtani and Abdullah al-Hamid, both of the co-founders of ACPRA (Saudi Political and Civil Rights Association). Upon their entrance through the courthouse’s door, hands were shook and encouraging smiles were exchanged. The presence of around 50 people, all with cell phones in hand, was to mark this event as one of the most public trials of activists held in Saudi Arabia thus far.

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