Vision Deeper than Oceans


I see you
Deeper than anyone
has ever seen you
I know you
Like a book with nothing written
Left blank
I peel your cover away
I touch the pages
Your words bubble up
I feel them like braille
You are blind
But I see
I see you


Does it scare you
That I might read you
And no longer love you?

Pride needs Truth
Shame needs Love


Vision deeper than oceans
How did I know your essence
Before I learnt my own?

Evil finds Innocence
How did I leave myself
Before I left you?

No matter
I changed
You chose lovely



But then..
“Why do you deny yourself heaven?
Why do you consider yourself undeserving?
Why are you afraid of love?
You think it’s not possible for someone like you.”

If you could see
As I have always seen
You would never deny

Love must overcome both
and Pride
A dichotomy within


“Do you remember being born
Are you thankful?

There is a curse that will be broken

You’re the magician
Pull me back together again
the way you cut me in half
Make the woman in doubt disappear”

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.31.01 PM

You are the love of my life

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.26.24 PM

Let it be glorious




One thought on “Vision Deeper than Oceans

  1. Its painful enough
    to stop writing
    I fully understand you, and showed his neck
    here I was stabbed..

    when was that moment of discovery: that almost everything learned was wrong?
    and that moment when you discovered the true nature of professor, teacher and guide?
    realizing that his turn was to encourage you and build not to destroy young minds.
    that every turn is your total and full responsiblity and not somebody else. Each of your new identities are surprisingly big in your eyes, but suddenly in the other side nobody cares.
    you see? been there, done that.

    words are faces of possibilities, because when things get out of their timeline, words are the only way out to construct reality again. you need to explain each definition to yourself again, what is black, white? and what to do when you discover white inside the black and vice-versa?

    Do you remember the big names that your blog started mentioning them, and they aren’t attractive for you anymore? because of personal growth, prosperity of information and things got certain values near to reality.

    DC effects, and Dupont circle. same mistakes different faces because abundance of relations isn’t an indication of correctness. All kinds of bias are there and it shows out of airplane.
    just because the word is easy to be said, since the recipient didn’t suffer the consequences of choice yet.
    Its easy to announce sinking ship if you aren’t on it busy filling holes with mud. And to report burning building since your vision wasnt burnt by fire and deadly mixes.
    big names, social reforms, and suddenly everything disappear when you get a ride with taxi, and you realize how much your life is underestimated and how deeply worse it can go.

    From Boston bombings to Orlando shooting, nothing changes since .. (fill the space with jargon)
    why do they hate us? who are they ? and who are us?
    since you asked that question,
    Endless argument since you chose the wrong team. deep inside you know you are wrong.
    deep inside, you know why.
    Its like asking a factory why its producing goods.
    whole nation is mutated multiple times. deprived for centuries, the people who born in desperation and dosent know why exactly as their fathers. On the contrary, people born in privileges and still dont know why exactly. there is not statistics, just facts supported by shared emotions and bowel motions.
    Its like your twin brother that you never knew. you feel him and understand the burn, but you dont why or when or anything usable.

    People in DC shocked me, their innocence is sweeter than ever expected. compare any university prof. Amount of knowledge for average person is of different material, so true, so visible.

    Do you wish you had the courage?
    more than often,
    its not the courage to do something , its to understand the consequences of living.

    They wished for you happy eid, but the daring question is in totally different dimension,
    i will put it this way,
    happy eid Nora, if it was the eid. and if it wasnt, I wish for you true discovery of the perfect timing.

    your writing is totally different than your personality, you are sweeter than that. “somebody”

    Yaa, they called it Tokyo drift, lool
    when you go from an alley to other and whole scene changes dramatically, like going from little italy to chinatown, one street and different continents.

    The discovery of the constant light speed was the basic foundation of relativity, so – yet to be -discovered light shift on quanta. so the gravity effects. let your imagination runs wild and hope it catches some of the reality.

    the months arent correctly aligned with happenings.
    Sakura happens at certain times. Birds sings at different times.
    suddenly you are in third world country (sounds familiar), and exactly nothing changed.
    like it didnt happened. because they cannot care less.
    and again,
    who are “they”?

    The number is just a number when its mere representation of equality, which isnt mostly the case.
    it becomes more usable when it is a part of an equation which is linked to network of similar probabilities, and when it reaches near to zero.
    they called it arabic numerals. because counting backwards is too expensive.
    Arabs discover zero, and it blended into everything.

    Cents are more representative of meaning than dollars.
    my 5 cent.


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