Vision Deeper than Oceans


I see you
Deeper than anyone
has ever seen you
I know you
Like a book with nothing written
Left blank
I peel your cover away
I touch the pages
Your words bubble up
I feel them like braille
You are blind
But I see
I see you


Does it scare you
That I might read you
And no longer love you?

Pride needs Truth
Shame needs Love


Vision deeper than oceans
How did I know your essence
Before I learnt my own?

Evil finds Innocence
How did I leave myself
Before I left you?

No matter
I changed
You chose lovely



But then..
“Why do you deny yourself heaven?
Why do you consider yourself undeserving?
Why are you afraid of love?
You think it’s not possible for someone like you.”

If you could see
As I have always seen
You would never deny

Love must overcome both
and Pride
A dichotomy within


“Do you remember being born
Are you thankful?

There is a curse that will be broken

You’re the magician
Pull me back together again
the way you cut me in half
Make the woman in doubt disappear”

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.31.01 PM

You are the love of my life

Screen Shot 2016-04-28 at 7.26.24 PM

Let it be glorious