Published Writings



  • “The Sudan Between Its Historiography and Reality: A Look at Afro-Arab Identity and Early Arabism in Sudan”, March 2016, Josour Publisher (author).


  • “Feminism and Nationalism” chapter in “On the Meaning of Arab Nationalism: Concepts & Challenges”, March 2014, Arab Cultural Center Publisher (author).


  • “Saudi Feminism In The Social Realm: In Defense of Personal Revolutions”, February 4 2013, Bil3afya (author).
  • “Nora Abdulkarim on Twitter and Political Dissent in Saudi Arabia”, October 12 2012, Jadaliyya (interviewee).
  • “Trial of Saudi Civil Rights Activists Mohammad al-Qahtani and Abdullah al-Hamid”, September 3 2012, Jadaliyya and Muftah.Org (author).
  • “Saudi Women in London’s Olympics: Progress Or Media Theatrics?”, August 8 2012, DW News (included via interview).
  • “Saudi Feminism: Between Mama Amreeka and Baba Abdullah”, May 14 2012, Jadaliyya (author).
  •  “On Supposed Reforms and Unjust Lashings”, September 29 2011, Ms. Magazine (author).
  •  “Women’s Vote Promising But Not Enough”, September 27 2011, PBS NewsHour (author).


  • My article “Saudi Feminism In The Social Realm: In Defense of Personal Revolutions” is cited and discussed by Dr. Zakia Salime (specialized in Sociology & Gender Studies) in: “New Feminism as Personal Revolutions: Microrebellious Bodies”, Autumn 2014, Signs: Journal of Women in Culture and Society.

Writing-Related Projects:

  • Co-founder of a project titled “A3wad Qash”, started in January 2016, which translates to “straw sticks” and alludes to the project’s goal of producing written works beyond straw man arguments in Arabic. It also aims to act as a bridge between academia and the Arabic-reading public. Its participant authors are all Arab graduate students and professionals in the Social Sciences and Humanities. I am joined in this project by two other co-founders: Sultan Alamer (GWU PhD student in Political Science) and Ahmed Alowfi (UIUC PhD student in Sociology).



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